Taste and Terroir: A sensory celebration of Canadian beef + Canadian wine

A term once favoured by wine enthusiasts and sommeliers, “terroir”, has taken on new meaning when it comes to beef. Terroir refers to the environmental conditions in which food is grown that give food its unique characteristics. After working with wine pairings at the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, we came to realize that Canadian beef and wine have a parallel story of terroir, with the effects of the landscape and the time and care that goes into crafting these fine foods. We invite you to explore the relationship between terroir and beef  and wine with a fun tasting activity you can try out at home. The folks at Niagara College found the program to be so insightful that they are thinking of adopting some of the work into their school curriculum. Be the first on the block to host this unique taste experience.

“When we think about terroir, we often think about the earth as it relates to wine,” says Chef Marty Carpenter, Director of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence. “Where grape vines grow, the climate, the soil, how vines are tied and tended to; all these factors affect how a wine will taste. Canadian beef has a parallel story to be told. Raised in the great outdoors of Canada’s varying landscapes, excellence in Canadian beef is shaped by the terroir on which the cattle are reared.”

Download the wine & beef pairing guide below to see how to do Taste & Terroir at home. And to celebrate the Canadian harvest, serve the Southwestern Beef with Succotash Sauté as we did at our Taste & Terroir event. Cheers!

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Southwestern Beef Steak with Succotash Sauté

Succotash Sauté is a simple side-dish that is the perfect market-fresh pairing with the Cajun-spiced steak. Use frozen corn if fresh corn is not in season. Make with your favourite Grilling Steak: T-Bone, Porterhouse, Top Sirloin, Strip Loin, Wing, Tenderloin, Bottom Sirloin Tri-tip, Rib Eye or Rib.

Download this Beef & Wine Tasting Guideline:


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