Steaks to Cook for your Favourite Girl: Mom

Give a girl what she wants for Mother’s Day – a break from the kitchen and beef!

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, it’s time to make the plan to treat Mom to a kitchen break, pull out the stops and put beef on the barbecue. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when picking steak (from a girl’s perspective).

Keep it Pretty: Just like accessories, your beef barbecue is best if it has a bit of style. Pretty as it’s picture, try out Grilled Beef Roulades.   Also watch this great video on how to make this recipe.

Size Matters: Instead of a monster T-bone that takes over the plate, think of a steak in girly proportions. Try out Top Sirloin Cap for a change. This steak is perfect for the girl in your life – just the right size, tender, tasty and fully trimmed! Season simply with coarse salt and pepper and head for the grill.

Medallions are also a great Mom-steak – these are steaks cut into nice’n neat medallion shapes that fit perfectly on the plate. They’re cut from traditional steaks such as Strip Loin, Rib Eye or Top Sirloin. Take one for test drive this weekend in the yummy recipe: Glazed Beef Medallions with Mushrooms

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