‘Off Cuts’ that certainly aren’t ‘Off-putting”!

I couldn’t help to smile when the Tasting Table blog post, Grilling Off Cuts of Meat, came into my in-box. I love the article, but take issue with the term ‘Off Cuts’ – as that sounds a bit ‘off putting’ to me. The article details out less familiar beef cuts like Flat Iron, Bavette, Petite Tender and Short Rib – some of THE BEST cuts for the grill. At the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, we call them ‘Hidden Gems’ instead. Beyond T-bone and Tenderloin, these cuts are some of the many options that you should consider for barbecue season this summer.

Want to learn more about these cuts and other options? Try jumping on The Roundup app – you can key word search ALL these cuts in minutes. I’ll take you on a test drive tour with Bavette — recipe included here as your reward!

Step 1: Click on the Get Started button to get to Beef Cuts. Enter Bavette into the Search.

Step 2: Click Bavette to get to the image and cut description — did you know Bavette is also known as Flap Steak? If you can’t find Bavette in the store, there are Alternate Cuts listed to choose from on The Roundup.

Step 3: The How to Cook button takes you to the standard Grilling Steak instructions – for all we need to know about pan-frying, grilling or broiling.

Step 4: Need a recipe? In the Recipe Section you’ll get what you need – Check out the Pan-Seared Beef Steak with Chili Maple Sauce — perfect for Bavette or other Grilling Steaks (even trusty tenderloin). Delish! Be sure to load The Roundup onto your phone for all the cuts info you’ll need for summer barbecue season.

Thanks for taking the tour, here’s the recipe: Pan Seared Beef Bavette with Chili-Maple Sauce.

For more info on Bavette, watch  this Butcher Backstory video.






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