I have a confession to make…

This is a guest post by Marin, BIC’s Technical Services Manager. 

Marin, BIC's Technical Services Manager

I have a confession to make: I knew almost nothing about Canadian beef before joining the Beef Information Centre four years ago. Ground beef was my favourite because it is so versatile and easy to prepare. It’s hard to go wrong with ground beef – maybe that’s why I love it so much! Then one day I decided to prepare a “fancy” dinner for myself. I bought an eye of round steak and PAN-FRIED it! You guessed it. The steak was difficult to cut, never mind chew (hello shoe leather!). But my dented culinary pride forced me to eat it up and blame the hardship on the steak. It HAD to be the steak’s fault of course.  As a consolation, I didn’t embarrass myself and was able to keep the experience in the closet all these years….until now.

Years later I found out it was my fault (imagine that!). I ignored the label which read “Eye of Round MARINATING Steak”. It turns out labels on most beef cuts tell you how to prepare it. My eye of round steak had to be marinated first. Paying attention to words like “grilling”, “marinating”, “fast-fry” “oven roast”, “pot roast” etc. on the label pays off. A properly prepared steak or roast should taste the way you expect it: tender, juicy and full of beefy flavour. Our videos on buying and cooking Canadian beef are full of useful tips and tricks. 

Oh, actually, there is another way of ruining a perfectly good burger, steak or roast. It’s called overcooking. At the same time making sure beef is not undercooked is equally important. While some foodies claim they know when their food is done by looking at it, I don’t believe that’s good enough. The surest way of knowing when your Canadian beef (or any other meat, poultry, fish or egg dish for that matter) is done is using a digital food thermometer.  Watch our Food TLC videos (Clever Cooking in particular) to find out more.

There you have it.  I confessed.  Do you have a food confession to make?

About Marin:

Marin is BIC’s Technical Services Manager, dealing with subjects such as food safety, quality and labelling. His sense of quality time is trying out new recipes with his wife. When not in the kitchen, he enjoys the occasional run along the Humber River. As future dad, he tries really hard to finish renovating their newly bought home before the spring and the stork arrive.

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  1. Laura Church
    Laura Church says:

    I was working nights but wanted to surprise my new husband with a pot roast. I’d never made a roast before. Waking up at 10 am I stumbled out to the kitchen wearing pj pants (and that’s all). Following my mothers directions I heated some oil in a Dutch oven to brown the roast. I gently plopped the roast into the pan and it immediately began to splatter. The oil spit out of the pot and burned tiny spots all over my chest. Ouch! I called my mom and she said she didn’t realize she needed to begin the recipe with “Wearing shirt…” Hahaha oh well, now it’s a great story.

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