Go BIG (ribs) for Father’s Day! How-to cook BIG beef back ribs.

Beef back ribs are BIG – and they make a big impression for Father’s Day!

They come from a premium cut – PRIME RIB, but if you cook them like a Prime Rib Roast, you’ll likely be a bit disappointed. So, just how do you cook up these impressive big bones? We did some digging to get you the best option!

I know from experience — if you cook Beef Back Ribs slow roasted in dry heat either in the oven or on the grill — covered or uncovered, they became almost dehydrated — instead of delicious! I turned to my colleagues at the newly opened Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence for help.


“Beef Rib Bones or Beef Back Ribs are found on the Prime Rib. These are sometimes hard to find in grocery stores but do tend to be a bit more available in summer — ask for them at your meat counter or butcher if you’re having trouble finding them.”

Here’s a short video from The Centre of Excellence on how Beef Back Ribs are ‘made’ and what you should look for when you buy them.


“I tried out the ribs 3 ways – and hands down,
the Grilling + Braising method combined
(as Chef Marty recommended) was the best.”

Ribs_1 Ribs_2 Ribs_3

  1. Top Left-Chef Marty’s Way: Grilling + Braising Method (Recommended): Rib is seasoned, grilled and slow oven-braised in foil pouch with a bit of liquid (bbq sauce and water)
  2. Lower Left: Slow Roasted Covered Method (2nd best): Rib is seasoned, grilled and slow oven-roasted in foil pouch – no liquid.
  3. Right:  Slow Roast Dry Heat Method (least preferred): Rib is seasoned and slow oven-roasted UNCOVERED.

Our friends at EatInEatOut™ worked on a couple of great sauces for us, cooking ribs up using the Slow Roast Dry Heat Method, take a look…