Food resolutions for 2013

What is it that you’d like to accomplish this year with food?  If you’re like me, you probably really only just got started thinking about your New Year’s resolution.  It seems for most people it has to do with food.

There is a well-documented history of people not sticking to their resolutions, or falling off the diet wagon before they really even got started.  While I’m not a registered dietitian, I fall squarely into the “everything in moderation” camp, rather than a diet.  Making big sweeping changes in my diet is, for me, completely unrealistic.  If you told me I couldn’t eat carbs, I would probably throw a tantrum, five year old style.

My food goal for 2013 is to eat more consciously.  Meaning, I will not mindlessly chomp on sweets or chips at my desk (she types as she notices the chip crumbs on her lap….).

I will focus on eating well balanced meals and having a host of more responsible choices available for that afternoon ‘fix’.  I want to enjoy everything I eat, not kick myself for eating it after I’m done.  I also want to celebrate the tastes, the textures, and the diversity of flavours food offers.

I’m thinking I might start a food diary simply to hold myself accountable for those choices.  Have you ever used a food diary? Did it work for you?

So, what is your food goal for 2013?

Whatever your food goal, know that we at Canada Beef are here to help out.  Be sure to sign up for the Make It Beef Club to get healthy lean beef recipes sent to your inbox every month.

Here’s to a tasty 2013!

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heathersummerHeather is part of the Canada Beef communications team and tweets as @CanadianBeef.  She lives with her husband and their two dogs in house with a great kitchen.  She cooks a lot and loves learning all the ways to enjoy Canadian beef.

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