CONTEST: Calling All Proud Canucks! Share your Best of Canadian Beef Moments with Us to Win

Oh, Canada! Think about Canada and you might think of open prairie fields, hockey, rugged mountain tops, braised beef poutine, stretches of stunning coastline, camping in the wilderness, and maple syrup.  Think of Canadians and you might think of grit, determination, a wild spirit and a friendly attitude.  We know that all of these things – the best of Canada – is why Canadian Beef is some of the finest beef to be found the world-over.  What are your bests of Canada?  Share your memorable Canadian moments, favourite places, signature tastes, and how Canadian beef is part of your summer in the great outdoors. Contribute your photo – see #BestofCDNBeef/ #makeitCDNbeef / loveCDNbeef contest!


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