Canadian Food Trends: Beef is tops!

Just yesterday Canadian Living released their very first Food Trends Report.  In the report it says online searches for Beef Stew increased 2000% over 2009.  Two-thousand per cent!  It seems fellow beef fans, that we’re starting a trend revolution! So keep up the good work. 

Colleen Tully, Canadian Living’s online Food Editor says on her blog and in the report, “”What I’ve seen across the board is continuing resurgence in recipes that your grandmother would have made for you – core Canadian recipes like beef stew.” 

The report also noted an upward trend for Beef Tenderloin.  I like to think it’s because everyone wants to make the perfect Beef Wellington.  Have you ever made it?

Never made a stew? It’s easy.  Here are lots of recipes, including my favourite Curried Beef Stew

Looking to take your stew to the next level? Check out our video for how to make Braised Beef Bourguignon

 So beef fans…pat yourselves on the back and let us know what you think of this trend.  Surprised?

Beef Stew. A comforting and trendy meal.

To read the full report click here and to check out Colleen’s blog, click here.

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