Be bold with beef brisket for barbecue this summer

Beef brisket is often considered a ‘fringe cut’, reserved for barbecue guru discussions. So if you’re seeking a bit of barbecue adventure this summer, be bold with beef brisket! With the increased interest in smoking meat and ‘Q’ hobbyists taking hold of the grill, brisket is moving into the culinary spotlight – even seen at regular grocer stores this season.

Here’s the low down on this cool ‘new’ cut:

A.K.A: Texas Beef BBQ , Flat End/First Cut or Double/Point End/Deckle sections

Fresh brisket is a Pot Roast – a great cut for slow-cooker braising in winter season. It is famous for smoky Texas BBQ and also thinly sliced and served in Vietnamese Phở soup. It is often processed and disguised as corned beef or pastrami.

Some Key Characteristics:

  • 4 to 6 lb (2 kg to 2.7 kg) sections of brisket is the size most widely available.
  • Brisket has bold beefy flavour and is tender as a pulled beef when slowly-cooked or carve it across the grain into thin slices.
  • Marinate and slow barbecue or oven roast/pot-roast/braise.
  • There are 2 sections to a whole brisket. The Double/Point End/Deckle section is thicker and is ideal for shredding and barbecue smoking.


The Flat End section is thinner and is ideal for corned beef.

Our Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence master butcher, Abe Van Melle, talks about the beauty of brisket to a Weber Grill Academy Master Class. Lots of tips & tricks on how to cook and how to buy beef brisket, JUST CLICK!

Brisket Benefits:

  • Makes barbecue an event when smoked with woodchips.
  • Perfect for a gathering without a big-ticket price tag.
  • Easy to carve, great flavour and no waste.

Critical Factors:

Cook past well-done (to an internal temperature of 200°F ideally) and carve thinly across grain.

Flavour Match-ups:

Brisket works well with many global cuisines: Asian spices, Jewish cookery, British pot roasting and Southern U.S. BBQ.

 Smoker Tip: To prepare hardwood chips for smoking, soak in water for at least 30 minutes before using.


This feature recipe is perfectly suited for a casual gathering. The Southern flavours of smoke and sarsaparilla (from the root beer) linger in this relaxed roast! Marinate ahead and then barbecue-smoke for easy hands-off cooking!

For all the brisket recipes we’ve got to share CLICK!

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