Barbecuing without Babysitting the Grill

Backyard party for Canada Day? If you want easy, think roast beef! Roast beef on the barbecue is easier to make than cooking several steaks. You won’t need to babysit the grill and you don’t need a rotisserie to do it! Buy an evenly shaped roast (often labelled a Rotisserie Roast), season all over, insert a meat thermometer and cook by indirect heat. Here’s how:

  • place the roast right on the grill in a barbecue pre-heated to 400˚F
  • turn OFF the burner under the roast, close the lid
  • let it roast until the meat thermometer reads about 140˚F for medium-rare
  • Let the roast rest for 15 minutes before carving

Complete How-to instructions here.

Serve thinly sliced roast beef with salads for sides or try tucked into grilled naan or pita. Try our Ginger Beef with Orange and Cantaloupe Salad and feel free to sub-in strawberries or peaches for the melon if you like.


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