A Family Affair: Cook Together with Canadian Living!

It was cooks big and small that came together in the kitchen this July 15, when Canada Beef joined Canadian Living and four participating families to cook together and learn some all-important kitchen skills.

The event dubbed #CLCookTogether took place at Cirillo’s Culinary Academy in Toronto, with families receiving a hands-on cookery demo by the Canadian Living kitchen team followed by the task of preparing a delicious beef-centric dinner as a family — on the menu: tasty cheeseburger sliders!


Canada Beef knows only too well that cooking together as a family allows young people to be able to make their way around the kitchen confidently and effectively. Food skills is centred around the idea of not knowing recipes but instead, learning the basic cooking techniques that make it possible to prepare meals using basic foods. It is a life-skill key to eating well your whole life-long.

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The event was inspired by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s 6 x 16 initiative, which strives to encourage families to support their children to know how to shop for and prepare 6 wholesome meals in their kitchens by the age of 16. Canadian Living #CLCookTogether event was created by the CL team to demonstrate why food skills are important in encouraging young people to understand more about food preparation and know how to cook quality, real meals. Look for the full story in the October issue of Canadian Living (+ recipes too!).

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Passionate about this initiative, Canada Beef is going to continue to champion food skills with young people, with the development of its own education workshop. The ‘Make Dinner With Us’ event will take place with families at the Calgary-based Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence in September with Skype hook-up to the Canadian Living Kitchen in Toronto. It is our first Kitchen Mash Up event using Facebook Live to share with family kitchens everywhere! More details to come in September’s Make it Beef.

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