3 Tips to Burgers done BEST

Burgers are the #1 favourite food for the grill. Here’s what our testing taught us on what it takes to make them THE BEST they can be

1. It’s all about the MEAT: When is comes down to patty greatness, you can’t beat the flavour of 100% Canadian beef. The options are Lean, Extra Lean or Medium – which do you choose? It’s up to you – if your concerned about fat, then make the lean choice, but keep in mind, adding in an egg and bread crumbs helps keep these lean burgers moist and more flavorful. My favorite is Medium for maximum flavor and juiciness. Do the taste test yourself next time to decide — we did! Keep in mind, that whichever type you choose, grilling burgers reduces total fat content by about 30% as the fat drips out as the patties cook.


2. Thumbs down to patty puffing. Burgers puff up as they cook and become a bit baseball like unless you make a thumbprint indent into the center of the patty before cooking. It comes down to physics – the burger crusts up at the edges first as it cooks, the center of the burger is expanding as it cooks and has no where to go but up. Here’s how to make your mark:

thumb print

3. Use a digital instant read thermometer for burgers done best — cooking them to the right doneness — but not overdone — after all, we all want a juicy burger not a hockey puck on a bun! ‘Burgers Done at 71’ is the jingle to remember — cook your burgers to an internal temperature of 71°C (or 160°F).

thermometer in burger

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  1. william Kay
    william Kay says:

    I like to use a cast iron griddle on my barbecue. It reduces the flare ups from the burning fat. Medium beef seems best. This more fried than barbecued but you get the solid crustiness which is the most flavourful. Piercing the crust a number of times during the cooking allows some of the fats to be released. If you like onions and don’t want to go to an extra cooking step we chop some onions and mix them into the burger. This gives them great additional flavour and increases the juiciness. We may also add the egg to hold the patty together but eliminate bread crumbs.

    • Joyce
      Joyce says:

      Thanks for sharing your method with me! I just saw a similar recommendation in Pro Chef newsletter: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/25/dining/how-to-make-a-great-burger.html?_r=0
      I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to be taking my cast iron frying pan out to the grill next time I am doing burgers to give it a whirl. The idea makes total sense to me — although then I will have to clean my pan! Hope this article link works for you… just remember, unlike the recommendation in this article link, Burgers must be cooked to 71C (160F) for doneness. Thanks again for sharing.

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