Mairlyn Smith’s take on Perfect Roast Beef!

Even a ‘well-seasoned’ cook like celebrity home economist Mairlyn Smith can learn something new when it comes to making the perfect roast beef!

Mairlyn’s personal roasting ‘ah-ha’ moments:

  • Take a sneak peek at what Mairlyn does with all the spare time she has while her roast cooks (all by itself)…
  • The cabled programmable thermometer was a game-changer for Ms. M
  • The idea that you cook more roast beef than you actually need for the immediate meal was mind-blowing. Mairlyn was thrilled to have some intentional leftovers she could use to build more meals during the week.
  • The 2-step roasting technique: high temp for 10 min and then low and slow for the most juicy and tender and beautifully browned roast. Wowser – what a difference low & slow can make!

Watch Mairlyn in action on her My Left Frying Pan roasting episode to see just what Mairlyn get’s up to!

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