Mexican chef ‘immersion experience’ with Canadian beef

April 22nd, chefs from Mexico were hosted at Canada Beef’s Centre of Excellence (Calgary) for a beefy ‘immersion experience’.

Now this, was the ultimate field trip! These influential chefs got to learn first-hand about Canadian beef with an event that included:

  • a visit to a local feedlot
  • a hands-on beef cutting demonstration workshop with Canada Beef’s resident butcher, Abe Van Melle
  • a ‘Black Box’ Canadian Beef culinary challenge facilitated by the Centre of Excellence chef, Marty Carpenter

And what is a Black Box? Each chef was given one of four unique Canadian beef cuts: beef cheeks, tri-tip, petite tender and chuck flat + one of three traditional cuts: tenderloin, strip loin or rib eye. The challenge was to have each chef work with these cuts to make an appetizer and main dish, sharing a pool of other food ingredients. This was the ultimate taste-off!

Pictured here (left to right), some of the  recipes that they developed: Beef Cheek Braised in Adobe Sauce, Spice-crusted Tri-tip, Tenderloin Carpaccio, Strip Loin with Chimichurri and Beef Tenderloin Wrapped with Beef Mousse.

Layout 1

The guest chefs gathered at the Centre of Excellence (Abe is in the red butcher apron, Marty is on the far right).

Chefs from Mexico at CBCE
And what were the innovative new cuts they explored? Abe and Marty lead them through the how-to cutting information and discussed the benefits of beef cheek, tri-tip and chuck flap. If you want to learn more about Tri-tip and other cuts of beef, download our new app, The Roundup from the App Store or Google Play — we don’t have cheeks or chuck flap documented yet, but we hope to shortly! (Just CLICK for more info on The Roundup app).

Check out all the photos from the group here and be(ef) inspired! Bon appetite!

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