The Canadian Beef Culinary Series 2015

The Canadian Beef Culinary Series in Partnership with Karisma Resorts and Jackson Family Wines


What is it?

This is the second year of the Canadian Culinary Series at Karisma Hotels in partnership with Jackson Family Wines. Each month, during the course of one week, a chef and a wine expert will work together to create five days of exciting events featuring Canadian AAA beef paired with fine wines. And all of this under the spectacular skies of the Riviera Maya Mexico.

 Canadian Beef

Fundamental wholesome good food. Produced according to world-class quality and safety standards, Canadian beef comes from cattle raised and processed here in Canada. Our beef farmers and ranchers are dedicated to raising cattle with respect for their animals and the environment. Canadian beef is renowned world-wide for its rigorous and progressive grading, inspection and food safety standards, delivering goodness in every bite.

Canada Beef Culinary Series Week at a Glance:

 Canadian Beef Culinary Series 2015 Canadian Beef Culinary Series Tuesday Canadian Beef Culinary Series Wedensday Canadian Beef Culinary Series Thursday Canadian Beef Culinary Series Friday



 Monday: Kick-off Beach BBQ

Tuesday: Beef Sampling & Wine Pairing

Wednesday: Cutting Demo & Cooking Class

Thursday: Canada Beef & JFW
Friday: Tricks of the trade and tasting
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January 12–16, 2015:

  • Chef Louis Charest
  • Dale Cullins – Wine Educator

February 9–13, 2015:

  • Chef Jonathan Gushue
  • Dana Aguero – Int’l Marketing and Business Development Manager


  • March 9–13, 2015: Karen Daenen – Research Director
  • April 13–17, 2015: Galen McCorkle –  Sr. Communications Manager
  • May 11-15, 2015: Sandy Montgomerey – Estate Manager
  • June 8-12, 2015: Gayle Bartscherer – VP Int’l Marketing and Business Development Manager
  • July 13-17, 2015: Mike Granneman – Director of Estate Events
  • August 10-14, 2015: Pati Wilkinson – Estate Manager
  • September 14-18, 2014: Tiffany Stewart – International Marketing Business Planner To be decided
  • November 9-13, 2014: Mark Gordon -Sr. Digital Communications Manager
  • December 14-18, 2014: Brad Yoell – Estate Manager
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