Federally Registered Meat Packers - Canadian Beef

Federally Registered Meat Packers

This is a current listing of establishments registered under the Meat Inspection Act and Regulations as of May 01, 2006. It is your assurance that the establishments listed meet or exceed the required levels of federal regulation.

These unsurpassed standards also form the foundation for ongoing consumer confidence in the highly regarded Canadian Beef Industry, both here at home and around the world.

For the Canadian Food Inspection Agency List please visit. http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/fssa/meavia/regliste.shtml

Facility Type Legend

This Legend will assist in determining each establishments functionality

1. Slaughter

a) Cattle
b) Calves
c) Sheep, Lambs & Goats
d) Swine
e) Horses
f) Poultry
g) Rabbits
h) Others

2. Ritual Slaughter

i) Halal
j) Kosher

3. Canning

f) Poultry Meat
x) Red Meat
g) Rabbit Meat

4. Boning & Cutting

f) Poultry Meat
x) Red Meat
g) Rabbit Meat

5. Edible Rendering Casing Preparation

6. Other Processing
f) Poultry Meat
x) Red Meat
g) Rabbit Meat

7 . Packaging, Labelling & Storing

8. Inedible Rendering

9. Facilities for inspection of detained or imported meat products
A) Cooked, frozen, boneless beef from South America.
B) Other than cooked, frozen, boneless beef from South America.
C) Not requiring refrigeration.
US) From the United States of America.

10.Storage Only
A) Cold Storage
B) Dry Storage

11.Establishments Eligible for Export to Countries with Restrictions
A) Mexico
B) Romania
C) Japan
D) United States
E) Costa Rica
F) Australia
G) South Africa
H) European Union*
J) Argentina
K) Brasil
M) Switzerland
N) Chile
O) Malaysia
R) Russia
S) China

* With exception of St-Pierre et Miquelon
12.Trichina Treatment facilities

Meat Block Type, Origin and Composition:

OTM (beef derived from cattle over thirty months of age)
UTM (beef derived from cattle under thirty months of age)

Key to Telephone Number:

Not ending with anything =
Location Number

Ending with /l =
Inspection Number

Ending with /F =
Fax Number