National Check-Off Agency Appoints New General Manager

(Calgary, AB) – The Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency (the Agency, currently operating as Canada Beef) is pleased to announce the appointment of Melinda German as the new Agency General Manager.

German will join the Agency after serving two years as General Manager of the Manitoba Beef Producers, and previously as Director of the Livestock Knowledge Centre for Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.

“We are very excited to have Melinda as a part of our team,” said Jack Hextall, Chair of the Agency. “Her industry experience, education and desire to move the industry forward will be invaluable.”

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, German’s role will be exciting and challenging, ensuring transparency and accountability around the National Check-Off. She will work closely with funders, including importers, exporters, and cattle producers, as well as with provincial and federal stakeholders, and be accountable for organizational performance and alignment with activities under the purview of the Farm Products Agencies Act.

German is expected to join the team at the Calgary office by March 1st, 2016.

“This is an excellent opportunity for me to work at a national level and continue to serve beef producers,” said German. “This will be an interesting and multi-faceted position but most important to me is that I can continue to work in the best interests of Canadian producers and the industry at-large.”

This position is new for the Agency, and begins a period of transition where the three main functions, check-off management, marketing, and research, will be managed by separate divisions. The new structure was developed by the Board of Directors, in consultation with provincial funder groups to ensure continued transparency and prudent management of the National Check-Off.

For more information on the restructuring of the Agency, please refer to the Branding Iron – Winter 2015 Edition.

The national check-off is a mandatory levy of $1 per head collected from cattle producers when they market their cattle by provincial organizations, using their existing collection systems involving auction markets, order buyers, brand inspectors and others who handle cattle sales. It is collected across Canada to fund research and marketing activities on behalf of the entire industry.

The goal of the national check-off is twofold – to increase sales of domestic and export beef and to find better and more efficient methods of producing beef and beef cattle. The national check-off is a critical source of revenue to fund initiatives that will advance the industry and build strong markets for Canadian cattle and beef.


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