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Canadian Beef and FURLANI® – perfect partners

We have teamed up with FURLANI® to create delicious and simple recipes that will make getting lunch or dinner on the table a little easier and smiles from everyone around the table.  Make sure to come back to this page over the next few months to find new recipes and tips.

Canadian Beef and FURLANI® are both proudly Canadian and available in stores across Canada. You can find FURLANI® products in the bakery or frozen section of your local grocery store.

Lasagna Soup

This Lasagna Soup recipe is a spin-off of a classic! This recipe was developed by Instagram influencer “The Recipe Rebel”. It’s packed with all of the best lasagna flavours, but in a one-pot soup. This warming, hearty soup is packed with Lean Ground Beef, veggies and three types of cheese.

Beef Mini Meat Loaves with Veggie Pizza Sauce

Mini meat loaves are the perfect meal for families who have staggered schedules as you can make a batch to tuck some in the fridge or freezer and reheat as needed. Including the grated carrot is a good way to get more veggies into the meal and enhance the juiciness of the meat loaves. Using the Furlani garlic bread/milk mixture (known as a panade) is a great way to ensure tender, juicy meat loaves along with a bonus garlic flavour hit.

Garlic Lovers Cheese Steak Sub Sandwich

This show-stopping sandwich is a full meal in itself, piled high with a quick sauté of flavourful veggies, melty cheese and tender strips of steak.

Garlic-laced Beef Meatballs with Spaghetti & Simple Pantry Sauce

A classic every member of the family will enjoy!

Knife & Fork Flank Steak Sandwich

This big-bite sandwich commands a sit-down meal with knife and fork in hand. Serve with Caesar or other salad to round out the meal.

Pear with Grilled Steak Salad

What’s summer without the perfect summer salad? We’ve teamed up with FURLANI® and ExtraSparklesPlease to bring you this refreshing, incredibly delicious and easy to prepare salad packed with flavour. Pair with your favourite wine or sparkling drink.

Summer grilling with Canadian Beef and FURLANI®

Beef and bread, it’s a match made in food heaven. We’re so proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with FURLANI® to bring you delicious recipes. Proudly Canadian, FURLANI® products can be found in the bakery or frozen section of your local grocery store. This summer take your Canadian beef burger to the next level by using Furlani garlic Texas toast instead of a hamburger bun