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Tuscan Braised Short Ribs with Spinach & Mushroom Farro PilafLow, slow cooking makes for delicious deep flavor and fall-off-the-bone goodness in this classic man-magnet dish served over a veggie-rich pilaf. Beef belongs in this plant-forward dinner as folks who eat meat are more likely to eat more fruit and veggies.
Braised Beef Rib Harvest StewA warm and hearty way to prepare and serve beef short ribs. The combination of red wine and fresh herbs adds a wonderful flavour to the beef short ribs. This delicious stew recipe is also featured in this elegant appetizer called Beef'n Blues Wagon Wheel Bites. This appetizer is a great way to use leftover stew.
Beef Short Ribs SinigangThis dish has a lovely fresh flavour from the mango and fresh tomatoes. Slightly exotic but made from basic ingredients. It is best to cut the short ribs into ¾ inch cubes when making as a starter course, but if making for the main, it is kind of nice to leave the short ribs in the big chunks as they come.
Bulgogi-style Braised Short Ribs with Baby Bok ChoyShort Ribs are all the rage - amazing flavour and so tender. This Korean-inspired dish is way easier than making a stir-fry. Braising is one of the simplest ways to make a truly impressive meal. You can substitute Shank, Blade or Cross Rib for Short Ribs if you like - cuts from the Simmering Steak, Stew or Pot Roast categories.
Asian Braised Short RibsServe this slow-cooker dish with steamed rice or a Asian noodles tossed with a splash of sesame oil.
BBQ Beef Ribs with Spicy Pineapple Rum GlazeStart these delicious ribs in the oven and finish them on the barbecue.  The sticky and sweet pineapple glaze adds a tropical twist to this rib recipe.  Beef ribs are an fantastic change from regular pork ribs.
BIG Barbecued Beef RibsNot for sissies, this gooey beef rib recipe offers rib-eating satisfaction from ear to ear and are great for dramatic presentation.
Braised Beef Short RibsWhen it comes to favourite recipes, these slowly braised beef short ribs in a rich herb-orange flavoured sauce served with lots of creamy mashed potatoes are the quintessence of comfort food.

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