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Chilean Pebre Beef Medallions with PastaPebre is a slightly hot pesto-like sauce that makes a wonderful accompaniment to beef and pasta. In Chile, this fresh herb sauce is a staple on the table. You can use any thick-cut Grilling steak instead of Medallions if you like.
Beef Morcon and Slider BitesClassic Beef Morcon is a special dish served in the Philippines during the holidays. The traditional dish is made using hot dogs, pickles, carrots and hard-boiled egg slices, rolled in thinly sliced beef.
Singapore Beef Satay with Rojak SaladI have such fond memories of visiting the “satay street” alongside Lau Pa Sat market in downtown Singapore. Everyone sits along long tables as the smoke from the charcoal stay stalls wafts down the street, as platters of sataya skewers are dropped in front of you. While not a traditional pairing with satay, I love the cooling effect of rojak, since it refreshes and cleanses your palate in between bites of the flavourful satay (and yes, I even like adding Sambal Belacan to it!) Recipe developed by Anna Olson. Recipe adapted by Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence.  
Steak and Berry SaladMore than just leafy greens, this beef steak salad recipe has substantial staying-power, built on economical Marinating Steak that’s been grilled and cut into thin slices.
Indian Beef KabobsInspired by the fare at Vancouver's famous Vijs restaurant, these kabobs are best grilled over charcoal in the great outdoors. A word of caution: the amazing aroma from your grill might turn your gathering into a neighbourhood block-party!
Korean Beef KabobsStewing Beef on the barbecue – who would have thought you could do that! You have to try this recipe to believe it!
Marinated Steak with Melted OnionsTo maximize tenderness of Marinating Steaks, grill them TO MEDIUM and carve in THIN SLICES ACROSS THE GRAIN to serve. More Marinating Tips: DISCARD a used marinade or bring it to a boil before using as a dipping sauce. PAT STEAK DRY with paper towel and SEASON before grilling to maximize browning.
Mucho Mexican Marinated Beef SteakExplore some of the flavours of the world’s cuisines right in your own back yard with Mucho Mexican or one of the other marinade marvels listed here.
Balsamic-Beer Beef Flank SteakThis delicious beef steak recipe can be enjoyed served with grilled vegetables or it can be sliced thinly, tossing slices with greens to make a main-dish salad, using the hot marinade sauce as the dressing.
Cedar Planked Steak with Charred Garden SalsaCooking steak on a cedar plank imparts an interesting wood-smoke flavour and a burnished golden crust. It's a simple alternative to using a smoker and a nice change from basic barbecued steak. Here, the marinade doubles as the base for the fresh salsa - just be sure to remove what you need for the salsa before using the remainder to marinate the meat.
Easy Asian Grilled Beef SteakIf using Marinating Steak or Medallions such as Inside Round Marinating Medallions, pierce meat all over with a fork before marinating, and marinate for 4 to 12 hours.

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