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Two-Chili Beef Pot Roast with Roasted SalsaPot roast on the barbecue is easy and delicious. Take the heat out of the kitchen by turning your barbecue into an oven by using the indirect heat method. Heat is placed either to one side or to both sides of the food allowing for even heat and cooking. This barbecue braising method is perfect for cuts of beef that require a longer cooking time.
Shawarma Inspired BBQ Beef with Cauliflower Slaw and Tahini SpreadShawarma is a dish in Middle Eastern cuisine consisting of meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly-turning vertical rotisserie or spit. Andrea Buckett Cooks has created a delicious and simple Shawarma inspired recipe using the indirect heat barbecue roasting method. The flavourful thin-cut barbecued beef slices are served on a bun topped with refreshing and colourful cauliflower slaw and a simple tahini spread.
Brazilian Grilled Picanha with Fresh SaladThe beauty of this famous Brazilian grilled steak dish is its simplicity…it’s all about the beef! No fancy marinades or add-ons define picanha, but this top sirloin cap is lean, tender, and has a deep beef flavor which is heightened by grilling over high heat, charcoal if possible. To complement the slices of grilled picanha, try this fresh, colouful vegetable salad. In summer, field vegetables are at their tastiest, but this salad has been designed to be just as delicious using Canadian hothouse gems, grown year-round.
Barbecue-Style Pot RoastTake the heat out of the kitchen with barbecue-braising. This recipe works using Simmering Steaks too, but cooks them for only about an hour.
Carolina Spice Rubbed Tri Tip Beef RoastSimple spices combine to make a unique rub for roasts and steaks. Paired up with a matching barbecue ‘mop’ (Southern U.S. bbq lingo for barbecue sauce), this combo makes an authentic slow-roasting Southern BBQ experience for cooking roasts in the oven or by indirect heat on the barbecue or smoker.
Barbecue Beef BrisketTechnically, you should use a pit or home smoker to smoke beef brisket (sometimes for up to 18 hours), but it can be smoked indirectly as in this recipe, using a covered charcoal or gas grill.
Tandoori Roast BeefThis beef recipe is delicious hot or cold served with flatbread and a salad of greens tossed with apple slices, shredded cucumber and slivered red onion.
Savoury Sunday Beef RoastNothing could be more simple or delicious than a savoury beef roast. This recipe provides a comforting dinner, plus roast beef leftovers offer many easy weekday meals.
Asian Rotisserie Roast Beef with Tropical SalsaBeef Rotisserie Roasts are ideal for no-fuss barbecue roasting recipes. These boneless roasts, ranging in size from 4 to 13 lb (2 to 6 kg), are barbecue-ready – carefully cut and tied to promote even cooking and easy rotation on the rotisserie. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, these roasts can be cooked on the spit or right on the grill using Indirect Heat.
Barbecue-Style Braised Beef BrisketPerfectly suited for a casual gathering, the Southern flavours of onion and sarsaparilla linger in this relaxed roast. Marinade ahead and then slow cook in the oven. It’s easy hands-off cooking!
Barbecued Roast Beef with Chow-Chow RelishServe barbecued roast beef as part of a buffet with salads and this retro-style easy fresh homemade pickle. No need to rush to the table as the beef is perfect served al fresco this way.
Best Barbecued Beef Oven RoastMarinating is key to a great barbecued beef oven roast recipe. Salad dressing makes a super easy marinade and offers lots of flavour options.
Rotisserie Roast Beef with Apple Onion SalsaThe flavourful mustard paste here is great used as a rub on your favourite roasts or steaks before grilling. Rotisserie roast the beef or cook on the grill by indirect heat roasting.
Beer-Soaked Beef Rotisserie RoastIf you're having a gang over, or just want to ensure leftovers for another meal, try this beer-soaked beef roast recipe on the rotisserie.
Best Barbecued Beef RoastAlberta cattle country is the home to “roasting on the range“ and marinating is key to the best barbecued Sirloin Tip Oven Roast. Salad dressing is a super easy marinade and since it comes in so many varieties, you always have all kinds of flavour options right at your fingertips. Barbecue beef roasts are so simple to cook either by rotisserie or indirect heat roasting.
Prairie-Style Barbecued Beef SteakFor a taste of the wild west, use flavourful yet economical marinating beef steaks in this rye-based marinade recipe for Prairie-Style Barbecued Beef Steak.

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